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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 10 Sneak Preview!

Special DLC Tactical Brush and Bubble Armor Pre-Order Now!


There Are Arts!?

Yes you are correct, my “art” page is now getting there!  More to come, but now there is an ok amount of my stuff there.

Here is “There were a thousand windows” see more in Scribbles & Snapshots!

Jurassic Park: Melodica

An Old Blog of My Art

Before I used wordpress, I was a blogspot blogger (yuck!) anyway, this is the only surviving one I still have. Kept it up because all it contains are uploads of my sketchbook.

Go Check it Out!

Man, Dog, Cat

Pen on Paper

When the Weather Stabilizes

 Now is the time in Carbondale when our weather has finally gone to full-on spring mode.

The grass is completely green, trees are in full bud and bloom.  Dogwoods are my favorite.

Soon we will all be migrating to the various spillways and festivals of summer and enjoy life to the fullest.

Good Luck!

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